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The Adora Technology Investment DAO

Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and the Adoraverse development Projects.



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Join A Tech Dev Dao with a Moral Compass

The thought of developing technology without a moral compass is a dangerous future. The Adora Company is focused on doing good in our world YET the more we realize how technology is being developed the more we realize a need for more direction than simply the technological ability to make things different.


Top-rated Talent + Visionary Direction

We’re pairing top-rated talent with visionary concept teams.

If you are a true lover of technology and you want to get on a team please apply to become one of the Adora Dao Exploration or Execution Teams.

Trust first

Our Goal is to Provide the World with Trusted AI & Tech Leadership

We know how hard it has become to trust those who are leading the technological way.

We want to be able to continue the amazing speed of technological development WITHOUT the fear that it’s advancement is not guided by the philosophical thought process that should lead all advancement.

We now fully understand that it’s bad to just dump chemicals in rivers BUT what is the technological equivalent of such disregard?

First Blockchain projects

The Zero Layer Network

There is no current Blockchain network that solves for the three main advantages of a decentralized ledger.

We have found a way to create a hybrid solution that give the network the strength of…

Scalability, Security, & Decentralization.




Adora Network

Adora NFT

Adora Coins

First AI project

Merlyn Pro

The first user-driven aggregator of web-based data.

It’s like letting a robot run Google searches for you while you sleep and then delivering ML & AI-driven insights & analysis on the results.

First ML Application

Machine Learning API Mapping.

Be able to remap any existing Open API and any private API with permissions, all while you sleep.

First adoraverse project

The Experience Project

There are so many experiences that would be perfect for the Metaverse.

From the small local destination to large international museums. these non-connected experiences can share the same technology and even customers.


What Our Clients Say About Us

We have an amazingly supporting community, customer base, and partnership group. We’re so grateful to receive their feedback and support.

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Explore more of our blogs to have a better understanding of how the Adora Dao works as an organization, how we develop, and what we’re working on lately.

Have an idea?

One of the beautiful aspect of a DAO is the democratic nature of the decision making. You propose an idea and we may build a team around you AND your idea,

Make the suggestion, what do ya have to lose?

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