A Different Kind of Dao

A three sided decision making paradigm. 1/3 Democratic, 1/3 Republic, and 1/3 Investment Driven.

Money doesn’t rule, the mob doesn’t either, and a republic has never worked long term YET all three have never been tried together.

Technology and the Blockchain was never an option, now it is.


The overview & call to action

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Our First Set of Projects

Our First Vote will be Friday September 2nd 2022

Our first vote is Friday September 2nd, 2022. 

Here are some of the projects we will be voting on. We are looking for more ideas, if you want to help us make these choices please sign up, make suggestions, lead an ideation team, or support financially.


What Our Community is Saying

We have a genuine and passionate community fo thought leaders, tech leaders, and passionate enthusiasts. Here is what they say about what the Adora Dao means to them.

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Have an idea?

One of the beautiful aspect of a DAO is the democratic nature of the decision making. You propose an idea and we may build a team around you AND your idea,

Make the suggestion, what do ya have to lose?

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